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45 Years of Personalized Import / Export Service

Davidson Custom Brokers offers a complete range of brokerage services. Our services include importing goods into Canada and exporting goods into the U.S.A.

With an efficient office staff located in Kitchener, Ontario, we can give the personal service that you need. Our qualified staff will be pleased to assist you with all of your brokerage requirements. Our Kitchener office is located in the Kitchener Sufferance Warehouse; goods transported there can be handled personally by our staff.

Through our network of sub-agents and our utilization of the new Across Release System, we can accommodate any clearances of your product into Canada at any time. The Across system allows us to clear your product any time day or night, communicating directly with Canada Customs electronically.

eManifest Solutions from Davidson Customs Brokers for ACI and ACE

Davidson provides a fast and easy industry leading eManifest portal. This is the same portal used by hundreds of the largest trucking companies in North America. Davidson eManifest Portal meets all CBP and CBSA requirements for highway eManifest. Davidson eManifest Portal keeps all your data in one place and is affordable for carriers of all sizes. Contact Davidson for more information or register here to get started!